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Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture NCCAOM 1999
(no longer NCCAOM board certified by choice as they are not supporting acupunture the way they should)

Licensed as an acupuncturist in the State of Florida 2000

Licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Washington 1996

Accredited onto the staff of Jupiter Medical Center as a physician 2002

Appointed to the Florida State Board of Acupuncture by Governor Bush 2003

Certified in Laser Acupuncture Therapy 2004



Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine-Bastyr University 1995

Masters Degree in Acupuncture-Bastyr University 1999

Bachelor of Science-Florida Institute of Technology 1980


Professional Experience:

Private practice since February 29th, 1996

Consultant and writer for 1999

Acupuncture Physician at the Mind/Body Institute of Jupiter Medical Center 2000-2004

Advisory Board of Martin Memorial Cancer Ctr to integrate CAM into the Center 2002

Florida State Board of Acupuncture Board Member 2002

Columnist for Better Nutrition Magazine 2002

Formulator for Lane Labs 2003

Appointed Senior Research Editor for Better Nutrition Magazine 2004

Private practice with Dr Mark Gocke at Jupiter Medical Center 2004

Resident Expert on The Deborah Ray syndicated TV and Radio shows 2005

Appointed Sales Manager for HealthyTalkRadio 2005

Appointed to the Federation of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Regulatory Agencies (FAOMRA) as the representative for the Florida Board of Acupuncture

Consultant to MDVIP corp. to develop evidence-based complimentary therapies in conjunction with the Institute of Advanced Concepts (Penn School of Pharmacy) 2005

Voted onto the FAOMRA Board 2006

Appointed to the Advisory Panel of Nature’s Sunshine Corporation 2007


Appointed to the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Doctoral Task Force 2007

Voted Chairman of the Florida State Board of Acupuncture 2007

Appointed to AAAOM Legal Research Action committee 2007

Adjunct Faculty Palm Beach Community College 2009

Community Acupuncture Clinic of the Treasure Coast 2008

Appointed Chief Medical Office of NouJour Medical Group 2009

Joined Center for Brain Training, Jupiter, FL 2009

Formulator/ Marketing Consultant for American BioSciences 2010

Columnist for Living Without Magazine 2010

Community Acupuncture of Florida –Jupiter Clinic 2011

Consultant for Emerson Ecologics 2012

DRTV Direct Response TV Spokesperson for Thermotex Corporation 2012

Webinar presenter for Emerson Ecologics 2012

Formulator for RelaxZen Beverages 2012

Writer for VRP Vitamin Research Publications 2012

Acupuncturist Specializing in Addiction treatment at Futures of West Palm Beach 2013

Acupuncturist Specializing in Addiction treatment at Just Believe Recovery Center 2013

Product Development Cherry Works 2014

Head of Marketing and Product Development for Cherry Works 2016

Public Speaking and Writing:

Bastyr University, Boeing , Swedish  Hospital of Seattle, Puget Consumers Coop, Jupiter Medical Center, Martin Memorial Hospital, Florida Power and Light, Phillips Intl., Dolphin Publishing, Jupiter Medical Center, Hibbel Museum, Alive Expo (Seattle and Atlanta)

Spokesperson for UAS Labs, Spokesperson for American Biosciences

Various appearances at hospital cancer, heart, diabetic, and pain support groups.

Recent Articles

Uterine Fibroids-Better Nutrition Magazine, 2004

War of the Intestines-Better Nutrition Magazine, 2005

Chocolate and PMS- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2005

Natural Therapies for the treatment of Diabetes Type 2- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2005

PMS- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2005

Preventing Colds and Flu- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2005

Should I take Vitamin E? – Better Nutrition Magazine, 2005

Asthma and Reducing Steroid Use- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2005

The Wintertime Blues and Homeopathy- Remedies Magazine, 2005

The Formula for Reducing Cancer is Simple Better Nutrition Magazine, 2005

Digestive Difficulties- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2006

Diabetes and R-lipoic Acid- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2006

Easing the Journey-Treating Depression in Post Menopausal Women- Dr Susan Lark Letter, 2006

Soy and Prostate Cancer- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2006

Natural Medicine Goes Eastern to Treat PMS- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2006

Menopause and Memory- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2006

How Does Acupuncture Work?- Natural Awakenings Magazine, 2007

Stress and Taking the Path of Least Resistance Natural Awakenings Magazine, 2007

Supplements and Menopause Natural Awakenings Magazine, 2007

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Natural Therapies- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2007

Immunity and Upper Respiratory Health- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2007

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Essential Oils/Aromatherapy-Natural Awakening Magazine, 2007

Hypertension-Natural Awakening Magazine, 2007

Menopause-Natural Awakening Magazine, 2007

Raw Food and Sprouting-Natural Awakening Magazine, 2007

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Anxiety and Fear- Chinese Herbal Medicine- Mayway Newsletter, 2008

Hot Flashes and Menopause- Better Nutrition Magazine, 2008

Vaccinations- Natural Awakenings Magazine, 2008

Diabetes is a Disease on the Rise- Healthy Directions-2008

Rotator Cuff Tears Natural Awakenings Magazine, 2008

Omega-3- Living Without Magazine, 2010

CHF and Acupuncture- Jupiter Medical Center Newsletter, 2010

Medicinal Mushrooms- Living Without Magazine, 2010

Living Without Migraines- Seabreeze publications, 2011

Heel Pain- Seabreeze publications, 2011

Cholesterol, Blessing or Curse- Living Without Magazine, 2011

Back Pain- Seabreeze Publications, 2011

Lycopene- Living Without Magazine, 2011

Cocoa- Living Without Magazine, 2011

Fennel- Living Without Magazine, 2011

Remedies Magazine–Strange, but True-Is Big Pharma Hijacking Another Natural Product? 2011

Treating Low Back Pain on the Job 2012 Research Paper to be published

Diabetes and Gut Flora – VRP Vitamin Research Products 2013

Urinary Incontinence – VRP Vitamin Research Products 2013

Insomnia – VRP Vitamin Research Products 2013

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Dr. Frank Ervolino graduated from the prestigious Bastyr University in 1995 with a degree in Naturopathic medicine. During this time he not only studied Western herbal medicine, but studied the supplement industry formulation and manufacturing from Dr. Buck Levin, Ph. D. and the traditional use of herbs by the native tribes of the Pacific Northwest. Read More

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